Dec 20, 2022

Business Connect Perspective: Quartermain Media

The Partner Perspective series is an opportunity to hear from LASEC Business Connect member companies and the high-powered local, diverse entrepreneurs behind them. Today’s focus is Abby Woods, Co-Founder and Producer of Quartermain Media, LLC. 

LASEC: Tell us about your company and what you do.  

Abby Woods: In 2013, with only $500, a husband and wife team, James and Abby Woods set out to become a trusted production partner creating content featuring social media influencers alongside global brands and advertisers. Quartermain Media, LLC was formally established in 2014 to elevate diverse creative talents through the production and promotion of high-quality visual entertainment. We are visually powerful storytellers who cozy up to the cutting edge in order to stay ahead of the curve about the various ways that people consume content and media. 

How has being part of the LASEC Business Connect program benefitted your business?  

The opportunity to apply and to become a part of the Business Connect program has benefitted our business in several ways. It provided Quartermain Media with a certification of approval from one of the most prestigious Los Angeles organizations in our city. It is one thing to be a company based in LA, it is another to be considered a proven partner to represent and do business with our city for the production of high-profile events. In addition to meeting other Business Connect partners and learning valuable tools to help our small business to scale, we are excited for the opportunity to grow from being entrepreneurs into true and approved business owners.

Have you been awarded a contract as part of the Business Connect program? If so, what was the project? 

It has been an absolute honor for Quartermain Media to be a video production provider for the LASEC Business Connect Supplier Spotlight Series. This project began as a 6-part video series designed to shine a light on our fellow Business Connect Program members. We have gotten the chance to criss-cross our city to meet, greet, and help capture vibrant stories of some of the most amazing leaders, business owners, and people in Los Angeles. The caliber of businesses we have filmed so far has made our participation in the Business Connect program a rich and invaluable experience in our company’s journey.

Is there a lesson or key takeaway from a Business Connect training that sticks out to you?

Learning the proper etiquette and best practices for bidding and budgeting for major events happening in Los Angeles has been impactful. The information being offered through Business Connect training on how to go after and engage new business opportunities will surely allow our company to elevate to the next level. We feel prepared for the adventure that lies ahead.


To learn more about Quartermain Media, visit and follow along at @atribecalledquartermain.


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