Sep 27, 2022

Business Connect Partner Perspective: Christopher Sweeney, Founder, RightMealz

The Partner Perspective series is an opportunity to hear from LASEC Business Connect member companies and the high-powered local, diverse entrepreneurs behind them. Today’s focus is Christopher Sweeney, Founder of the premium meal prep company RightMealz. 

LASEC: Tell us about your company and what you do.  

Christopher Sweeney: RightMealz is a premium meal prep company with a team that has over 25 years of combined food service experience. Over the past seven years, our team has provided delicious, affordable, and nutrient-dense meals to professional athletes, college sports teams, youth sports clubs, and anyone who is just looking to conveniently eat healthier.

How has being part of the LASEC Business Connect program benefitted your business?  

My dream has always been to work with sports teams and their events, and this program has literally given us the tools and resources to make those dreams a reality. You’re introduced to people that can open multiple doors for your business if you apply yourself and take charge of the opportunities given to you. With a ton of upcoming sporting events in Los Angeles, such as the College Football Playoff National Championship, U.S. Open, and the Olympics, it’s exciting to know that we can be a part of them.    

Have you been awarded a contract as part of the Business Connect program? If so, what was the project? 

RightMealz had the opportunity to cater our grab ‘n go meal options for the LASEC Professional Development Program Summit in June. This event allowed us to also further our relationship we currently have with USC Athletics, which led to us providing meals for one of their events that enables young girls to get [both] exposure to football and inspiration from female coaches and athletes!

Is there a lesson or key takeaway from a Business Connect training that sticks out to you?

Be confident in your services, and really take advantage of all the networking opportunities the program has to offer. Being denied a contract does not mean there aren’t other opportunities available to you. This program has given me the tools and resources to successfully land a contract and plant the seed for future contracts as well. Showing up to every Zoom call meeting and gathering, asking questions, volunteering, and following up are all things you can do to help your business become more successful.


To learn more about RightMealz, visit and follow along at @rightmealz 


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