Jul 19, 2022

MLB, LA Dodgers and Dodgers Foundation package meals for students ahead of All-Star Game

Tuesday is the big All-Star game at Dodger Stadium. On Monday, as part of All-Star week, volunteers from the Dodgers organization packed meals at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

“This is a huge commitment that the Dodgers are making as part of this,” said Michael Flood, CEO of the L.A. Regional Food Bank. “It’s a $750,000 contribution which will turn into actually three million meals out to the community.”

The Dodgers along with the Dodgers Foundation, MLB, the L.A. Food Bank and Baby 2 Baby teamed up to pack millions of meals and essential items that will support thousands of students and their families during the 2022 to 2023 school year.

“We are actually addressing food insecurities,” said Nichol Whiteman, the CEO of the LA Dodgers Foundation. “We’re making sure weekend essentials are provided to kids who, frankly, are coming to school each day many of them, food insecure and often for meals that schools are providing that they then don’t have on the weekends.”

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