Apr 20, 2023

The Legacy of Mayor Richard J. Riordan

The Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission is one of Mayor Riordan’s many important legacies. With the Mayor’s foresight, and the partnership he had built with our founder Tom Tellefsen and the Mayor’s former law partner, the late Rick Welch, LASEC launched in 1995.

Mayor Riordan understood the powerful economic and cultural impact that sports and entertainment events could have on our city – boosting tourism, consumer spending and the growth of our hotel industry, while providing life-changing opportunities for small, local businesses.

Almost 30 years later, we have done our best to realize Mayor Riordan’s original vision. We have hosted and secured some of the world’s biggest events, from the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, College Football Playoff National Championship, NBA All-Star Game, MLB All-Star Game, U.S. Open Golf Championship, and so many more.

The entire team at the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission is so grateful to Mayor Riordan for playing such an instrumental role in creating our organization. We would not exist were it not for his vision to harness the power of sport and entertainment for good. We are proud to be one of his many living legacies for Los Angeles.


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